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Hyatt Aims for Systemwide Public Space and Guest Room Access in all U.S. Hotels by June 2005

The Top 10 Reasons That Guests Choose to Wi­-Fi at Hyatt:

10. Wires make sleeping next to your computer really uncomfortable.

9. Checking e­mail from Hyatt’s busy lobbies gives the impression of importance.

8. Staying connected to the office from a beach or poolside lounge beats the cube.

7. Hotel bars are more fun than boardrooms.

6. High speed access gives new meaning to express delivery.

5. The only thing wired in the morning should be you…on coffee.

4. Cutting-­edge technology protects the information you send and receive online.

3. Room service and wireless go hand in hand.

2. The only thing you should be getting tangled in is Hyatt’s 250-­thread-­count triple sheeting, not wires.

1. Productivity doesn’t require proximity


Hyatt Hotels & Resorts Outpaces Competition With Wireless Availability in Domestic and International Hotels

Distinguishing itself from the competition with innovative products and services, Hyatt is in the process of expanding its popular Wi-Fi service to most guestrooms and public spaces throughout its domestic and international hotels. Working with such partners as T-­Mobile HotSpot, Hyatt is able to provide reliable, safe and secure Wi­-Fi access for guests throughout its hotels.

This June, Hyatt Hotels Corporation will have completed Wi­-Fi installation in nearly all hotels, with international integration due to be completed by year-­end.

According to Tom O’Toole, Global Hyatt’s senior vice president of strategy and systems, deployment of wireless systems at Hyatt hotels accelerated following Hyatt’s June 2004 announcement of a strategic business partnership with T­-Mobile Hotspot.

“Access to Wi-­Fi in airports, airport lounges, and other places frequented by business travelers has quickly become a customer expectation,” O’Toole said. “Our objective at Hyatt has been to stay a step ahead of those expectations, and in doing so, be the first major global hotel operator to complete systemwide installation in more than 200 hotels around the world.”

Major Media Push

Beginning March 1, 2005, Hyatt’s new Wi­-Fi television commercial will begin airing nationwide on premier sports and cable news networks, including commercial spots during key NCAA basketball coverage. Subsequent to the television commercial, Hyatt’s Wi­-Fi service will be prominently advertised in major national newspapers beginning March 3rd and will run throughout the month. Ad placements in Chicago and Atlanta airports throughout March are the third component of Hyatt’s strong messaging. This integrated marketing communication campaign solely based on wireless Internet is the first of its kind in the hospitality industry.

Hyatt’s Brand Imaging

Building on a $15 million national campaign featuring Hyatt brand and Gold Passport advertising that accentuated tales of sensuality and intrigue, similarly, the Wi­-Fi advertisements feature sophisticated guests experiencing the luxury of staying at Hyatt Hotels & Resorts. The campaign was created by independent advertising agency Cramer-Krasselt, headquartered in Chicago.

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