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Istanbul, July 10, 2007 -Fully renovated and redesigned, the Gaia Fitness Centre & Spa is the latest addition to the Hyatt Regency Istanbul’s luxury range of services. Gaia Fitness Centre & Spa is an exclusive space offering four specially designed treatment rooms, a fitness studio, and an exercise room providing yoga and pilates classes.

The Gaia Spa at Hyatt Regency Istanbul, whose heritage stretches back to the spa traditions of ancient Rome and the Ottoman baths from millennia ago, is now ready to showcase for guests its 21st century urban spa environment.

Today, Istanbul is abuzz, with a unique and intriguing ambience that combines tradition with modern style and innovation, old and new, and East and West where continents meet. It is this ambience that is displayed brilliantly at Gaia Spa. The fusion of East and West is represented by clean, modern and minimalist lines with a little touch of the Far East in the décor, while the Ottoman hammam and selection of treatments are drawn from traditional sources from all over the world.

The Gaia Spa experience begins in one of our luxury therapy rooms, designed specially as the ultimate retreat for tranquility and well-being, complete with a private shower and relaxation area. The spa treatments successfully combine tradition with modern spa techniques, using a blend of fresh and organic ingredients, as well as reputable Spa products.

The Spa’s exquisite selection of music is part of the invigorating and unique experience that guests enjoy during therapy. In addition, at the completion of every treatment, guests are provided with the luxury of an additional 15 minutes of relaxation time, complete with an uplifting beverage and Turkish treats.


Four Private Therapy Rooms:

Gaia Spa’s Therapy Rooms are designed in a contemporary architectural style, with a holistic approach. Elegance and a sense of true sanctuary and tranquility redefine the expression “quality time alone”. The rooms are furnished with one treatment bed and a wet area for showering after special treatments, as well as an individually controlled music system, which offers a new state-of-the-art auditory pleasure. The Rooms also feature ambient controlled lighting, and music that is in tune with the therapy and played at a comfortable level.


On their unique journey in the specially designed treatment rooms, guests can enjoy not only Hot Stone, Face and Décoletté, Swedish and Deep Tissue Massages, but also Earth Antioxidant, Active Purification, Deep Hydration and Anti-Ageing special facials. Designed specially for men, the Gaia Man Menu is distinguished by its Jetlag Massage and Performance Facial.

Relaxation Area:

The relaxation lounge is an ideal spot for guests to relax before or after experiencing the extensive Spa treatments. Here, therapists greet guests and escort them to the treatment room. At the end of treatment, guests emerge into the relaxation lounge to enjoy an uplifting beverage and Turkish treats.


The original hammam concept thrives in this modern spa, with its beautiful white marble tiling, high ceilings and large central hot marble block for bathers to lie on, soak up the steam and enjoy traditional Turkish body scrubs. The hammam is a part of an overall ritual that combines bathing with massage, scrubs and facial treatments.

Steam Rooms:

In the Steam Rooms, located in the changing areas, the steam is generated at high pressures and temperatures to open the pores and eliminate toxins. A standard steam room session will take on a completely new significance after a special Swedish Massage.

Fitness Studio:

Also part of the Spa is a high-tech fitness studio that will enable guests of a more active persuasion to enjoy a complete work-out using the very latest technology in exercise machines, or tone themselves mentally and physically with the modern mind and body exercise programmes that are supported by a Fitness Coach. The interiors of the exercise classrooms combine texture and warmth, from the flooring to the “forest” glass windows. These areas are planned specifically to cater to a range of classes, from yoga to pilates.

Changing Rooms:

The Changing Rooms are well appointed, with aromatic sauna and steam rooms, relaxation areas, showers, ice fountains, grooming stations and full-length lockers. The rooms are clean with a fresh aroma and staff is always available to assist, without intruding. The overall ambience is best described as urban chic, with an eclectic mix of design influences and all details projected to create the ultimate in comfort and ease of use.

The Pool & the Secret Garden:

Surrounded by a secret garden designed according to feng shui guidelines, right in the heart of the city, our free-form turquoise pool offers resort-like relaxation during the summer months. An outdoor tennis court is also available for those with a competitive spirit. The Gaia Fitness Centre & Spa also offers Tai Chi lessons in the mornings, hand and foot massages, reflexology and revitalizing back massages by the outdoor swimming pool.

For further details and reservations: Gaia Fitness Centre & Spa 212-368-1148


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